Jan 15

OK where are those ********* droids?

imperialassaultStar Wars Imperial Assault skirmish hits the club – the force is strong with this one…

Come down and have a go… Or play some X-Wing, 40K, Bolt Action or Chain of Command amongst others.

Oct 14

The Force is Strong with this One!

imagesIan Dawe one of our founding members will soon be cycling several hundred miles across Africa to raise money for Teens Unite who do great work with teenagers fighting many types of Cancer.

To help Ian on his way are running a one day X-Wing tournament to raise funds and awareness for the charity. For more information and donations visit https://www.justgiving.com/ian-dawe1/

Your £10 donation will get you five games across the day, bottomless tea and coffee, a breakfast bacon roll. Further refreshments will be available throughout the day.

Prize support covers 1st, 2nd and 3rd place plus Best Sportsman and Best Fleet

For updates skip on through to the Facebook Event Page; https://www.facebook.com/events/1557884317778200/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

Oct 14

I am Spartacus, or at least Han Solo…


It’s a time of gladiators and Star Wars ship combat down at the club as of late… Watching of the Spartacus series is recommended highly and then come down and take on all using the excellent Jugula rules. X-Wing wise it’s big ships and little ships as the guys prepare for war on the 13th December at our ‘Send Ian to get a chaffed groinal region’, by cycling across a bit of Embola free Africa, ¬†charity event. Obviously there is all the normal goings on like 40K, board games and WWII of all sorts.
SO nothing should stop you joining in the fun.

Aug 14

Come and join in the dice rolling…

Whatever genre you want to play you are likely to be able to find a game down here at the club… Favourites at the moment seem to be Bolt Action, X-wing, A-wing, 4oK, Pulp Alley and a variety of board games like Zombiecide, Heroes of Normandie, Dreadball as well as a splattering of historical games like SAGA, Napoleon at War and Hail Ceasar.

So what you waiting for?

5 SG-1 Sw-1 firefight

May 14

Load and Lock part 2

Bolt Action continues to be the main focus of activity. Zombie tapping is also going on with the continuing Zombiecide campaign (cue the Walking Dead music). The Empire is getting it in the neck a our Age of Rebellion Star Wars RPG kicks off. Also featured are an exploration of the new 40K and various board games…
SO why not come and join in, before the walkers get you!

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