May 14

Load and Lock part 2

Bolt Action continues to be the main focus of activity. Zombie tapping is also going on with the continuing Zombiecide campaign (cue the Walking Dead music). The Empire is getting it in the neck a our Age of Rebellion Star Wars RPG kicks off. Also featured are an exploration of the new 40K and various board games…
SO why not come and join in, before the walkers get you!

Commando Books All Guns Blazing

Apr 14

Lock and Load

Hello people,

Just an update to let you know what we’re up to these days. Bolt Action has arrived at the club in a big way with Rich J running an escalation campaign staring on Tues 28th April to allow time to put together all of those shiny SALUTE purchases.

Until then we’re running thorough plenty of practice games. You know where we are!


Jan 14

New Year Gaming

Hello people,

Just to let you know what’s on offer at your premier North London Tuesday night gaming hot-spot. We’ve currently got quite a bit on offer with Wings of War, Sails of Glory, Star Trek: Attack Wing, Dreadball, 40K and a rolling Zombicide campaign.

Just skip on through the forum, link on your right, and say hello. We’ll be glad to see you :)


Dec 13

Incoming: Pizza Night

Just a quick note confirming next Tuesday as our last confirmed Club Night before Chrimble! The tradition of pizza night we be rolled out with a number of the club’s bakers promising contributions.

This week saw SAGA, Attack Wing and Dreadball in play so feel free to drop in and see the gaming year out in style!

Planetary Assault

Planetary Assault

Steppe Nomads ride out to do battle!

Steppe Nomads ride out to do battle!

Bringing the BASH!!

Bringing the BASH!!

Nov 13

On the 3 Tuesdays before Christmas my gaming brohs gave to me;

Dreadball games galore (The Pudding BOWL)
20 screeching tyres (Formula D)
4oKers playing
6 Planes a fighting (Wings of Glory)
Star Wars and Trek a plenty
AND a Mr C Cup of Tea

So come and join in before you are driven insame playing Monopoly with your Aunt !!!!!